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of some potential break through, however, he reviewed the republican perspective of it's about the economy, and we have a plan to improve the economy, and that's not related to social benefit programs. >> that we create more american jobs and better american wages. the republicans continue to focus on strengthening the economy for middle class families. that's why we passed nearly 150 bills many of them will help our economy, they are still sitting in the united states senate. so you hear a difference, how republicans approach things and democrats approach things. he also used his time to rail against obama-care, the federal healthcare law, he says that's one of the other priorities that and getting the economy going less so than working on the unemployment benefit issue. >> and torment, the labor department releases the november employment numbers. stick with al jazeera america for full coverage of that important report. some fast food workers are striking in more than 100 cities. they are demanding an increase in the minimum wage, and pushing to make it easier to unionize. many are askin
, subsequent roads, transit and water investments helped fuel our economy and tie the nation together. more recently, the failure to address long-term funding has also been bipartisan. the bush administration ignored strong recommendations from their own private sector experts that they impaneled to give advice. although the obama administration did request and employ some modest funding in the recovery act and has proposed an infrastructure bank and talked extensively and i think sincerely about the need for investment, what has been lacking has been a specific concrete proposal from either party to address infrastructure financing in america. while the political maneuvering has secured here in washington, the gap in the highway trust fund has been growing and conditions of our roads, bridges and transit systems have been deteriorating. this puts america at a competitive disadvantage, complicates the movement of goods and people and contributes to congestion and pollution. at the same time, the needs grow, the resources are in significant decline. the gas tax has not been increased since t
that the sanctions would begin to unravel. i heard today that iran's president said the economy has markedly improved. they have not even put in place -- steps must be taken to repent for the erosion of the sanction. ultimately, the sanctions remain an essential element of the international effort to compel iran to dispel its nuclear the terror infrastructure and take apart all of the centrifuges and tear down the heavy water reactors and eliminate the current stockpile of enriched on weapond working radiation -- weapons that geneva does not address. none of it is necessary for a peaceful nuclear program. while israel is prepared to do what is necessary to defend itself, we share president obama's preface to see iran's endlear weapons program through diplomacy. for diplomacy to succeed, it must be coupled with powerful sanctions and a credible military threat. -- ae repeat that diplomatic solution is better than a military option, but a military option is necessary for diplomacy to succeed, as are powerful sanctions. we agree after a cup will of tough years, iran finally -- a couple of tough years, i
that it is working. more power to them. this is a capitalistic economy. and people have every right to demand a better wage, and earn a living. and be able to spend time with their families and on things they want to spend it on. >> ryan -- >> investing or -- >> i know we featured your restaurant your chain a few months ago, good to talk to you on al jazeera america, we appreciate your time. brian parker is the co founder of moo cluck moo. in other news now, secretary of state john kerry, made the rounds in the middle east today. he met with israeli is middle east leaders. he also tried to ease concerns to curb the nuclear program. >> let's talk to nick and he is in jerusalem for us, nick, good to see you again. there has been some reaction from the palestinians on this. >> . >> they do not want anything. i think the reason she has emphasissed israeli security. they want to talk about their state, and how lit be a viable continuous state. and the problem is that he is trying to do both at once, and he is clearly angry both sides at the same type. >> all right. nick and what's left? how much m
of stops and starts the u.s. economy may actually be in a steady recovery. the unemployment rate is the lowest in five years. home sales and prices are up, stocks are rising, and gas prices are falling. not everyone is feeling it though. a new cnn poll show that is a quarter of the public believes things are getting better. nearly 4 in 10 say it's getting worse. joining me now, kevin has set, former economic adviser to mitt romney, "new york times" economic policy reporter annie lowry, and mark stazandi. is this real? the worst has happened and we're on the road to recovery, yes? >> yes. i think we're clearly in a strong recovery now. if you look at the inflection and the data over the last couple months, it's really the best couple of months i have seen since the great recession began. consumer confidence is soaring. auto sales jumped up to 16.4 million above the 16 million number which is kind of like the 98.6 for the economy. everything is looking good. it's that rare moment where we seem to be right on the verge of a boom. >> wow. could something mess with it? >> oh, yeah, su
is still struggling to turn its economy around, but a the head of the investment agency in greece says the government is reforming the business envirnment to attract overseas capital. >> greek government mandated by the greek people embark on a major overhaul of all sectors of the economy, so a structural reform, a huge structural reform has been undertaken at the same time. >> greece's economy is expected to contract this year for the sixth consecutive year. the government forecasts though the gdp will grow in 2014 as global demand gradually picks up but austerity measures keep pressure in people's lives. the jobless rate remains the highest in the eurozone. >> the unemployment is soaring and this is a very important problem, especially among youth, when it is a time that the people need to hone their skills. unfortunately, they are left without a job, so no one can overlook this, but that's exactly what we're trying to accomplish, and that's why we have placed the attraction of fdi right at the center of our efforts. >> oesias says the greek government is making it easier for foreign
employment rate hit a five-year low of 7%, an encouraging sign for the u.s. economy. the job creation news sent stocks soaring today, a rare sign. the dow added 199. the s&p 500 gained 20. the nasdaq finished ahead 29. for the week, the dow lost 0.4 of a percentage of a point. to break down the jobs report for us is melissa francis in new york. she's the most of "money with melissa francis" on the fox business network. the jobs number better than expected. still not robust, but pretty good? >> absolutely. it was better than expected. most economists were looking for less than 200,000 jobs, 203,000 is what came through. 7% unemployment. that is the 60th straight month we have seen employment over 7%. if you look at the average amount of money earned per hour, the number of hours worked per week, those ticked up slightly. and the participation rate is so important. last month it was at a 35-year low. it has ticked up, but just slightly. 63% of people out there consider themselves part of the workforce, either working or even looking for a job. that means that the rest of the population has g
in the economy. the first phase in talks has led to economic successes. >> israeli president was asked if he would be willing to meet with rouhani. >> why not? i don't have enemies. we don't consider iran as an enemy. >> yesterday president obama down played expectations of a bigger long-term deal with iran regarding its nuclear program but says negotiations are worth the effort. >> we have to not constantly assume that it's not possible for iran, like any country, to change over time. i wouldn't say it is more than 50/50 but we have to try. >> neighboring iraq today there was another series of fatal bombings. authorities say at least 45 people were killed and dozens wounded after a series of explosions. the violence is worse than at any time since 2006 when the country was on the verge of civil war. >>> in ukraine today protesters topples and beheaded a statue part of a much largerer demonstration. they are demanding that the government move ahead with a deal to deepen ties to the west. the plan angered russia to the east. >>> back in this country the huge storm that caused major power outa
a floundering economy. there is one area that can help break the logjam, not solve all our problems, certainly, but help us significantly along the way. congress should address the critical needs of our nation's infrastructure deficit. roads, bridges, transit systems are all increasingly at risk. we are facing an inadequate state of repair, construction of new facilities are on hold and we are losing ground in meeting our own needs, let alone the challenges of global competition. yet, this challenge is an opportunity for some potential progress. we know what to do to meet this challenge. we can write a new transportation bill that will meet today's needs. it just needs more money. there is a vast coalition that supports additional resources for infrastructure. the so-called special interests that are so often at odds are remarkably aligned when it comes time to recognize and fix this problem. business, labor, professional groups, local government, environmentalists, truckers, bicyclists all agree. the paralysis that surrounds questions of raising taxes does not necessarily need to apply in thi
are furious about the failure to sign a trade deal with eu and turn to moscow to save the economy. >> translator: i want a new government that listens to the people and doesn't treat us like animals. >> translator: we are here to fight for our rights and our kids are brought up in a good country without corruption and where everything is fair. >> reporter: the crisis here is reaching a crucial moment and he believes he can survive with moscow's help but they are ready for a long fight to achieve aims and i'm tim friend with al jazeera. >> leaders lack constitutional power to oust the government before the presidential election in 2015. a riot breaks out in singapore's little india district after an india national was struck and killed by a bus. crowds attached police and set cars on fire and dozens were injured and 27 people were arrested. it was singapore's first major riot in four decades. and the president of venezuela won half of the elections on sunday and held control in the oil city and the capitol caracas and inflation is 54% and power outages and shortages of necessiti
't create a pro-growth, pro-middle-class economy. and no less than the new pope has now started speaking out about this. when our country had a burgeoning middle class, it's because we had a shared prosperity. now what we're seeing is the opposite. >> can you tell us roughly how many members you have in detroit and how many have been illinois? >> i could if i -- i'm going to give you a paris-roubaix just. in detroit, we have come in detroit itself we have about three, 4000 members. in michigan we have about 15,000 -- i think about 15,000 members. and in illinois we have said probably somewhere around 40,000 members, maybe 50,000 members. [inaudible] >> 19,000 is the average retirement that somebody gets. and in wisconsin, the average retirement that a public employee gets around the country is about 24, $26,000 to the other thing, think about it, every time a retiree, every time someone spends a dollar of the pension, it creates about $2 change, i think $2.37 in economic output in making the. are we going have a pro-growth, pro-investment, pro-middle-class economy? are we going to keep havin
economies. improvement and growth, but what's happening in the real economy? >> the spanish enclave that's a tempting gateway for illegal migrants. (vo) al jazeera america we understand that every news story begins and ends with people. >> the efforts are focused on rescuing stranded residents. (vo) we pursue that story beyond the headline, past the spokesperson, to the streets. >> thousands of riot police deployed across the capitol. (vo) we put all of our global resources behind every story. >> it is a scene of utter devastation. (vo) and follow it no matter where it leads, all the way to you. al jazeera america. take a new look at news. >> this isn't a new channel, this is a watershed moment in media for america. >> this entire region is utterly devastated. >> people our here are struggling. >> the fire jumped the highway we took earlier. >> your average viewer want's to actually understand how the health care law is going to help them or hurt them. >> they know they can get extremist bickering somewhere else. >> people say that we're revolutionary. our revolution is just going back
that must mean that the economy is getting stronger and the federal reserve will stop putting $85 billion in the economy, interest can go up and investors tend to sell stock. there is good news, the stock market goes up. this morning at 8:30 a.m. i'm watching these unemployment numbers. they were better than i thought they were going to be and the only thing i was certain of was that the stock market is going down and it closes up 200 oh points. it's a good thing that i'm m not worth my money today.ause >> there you go, boy are you worth your money on a dale lay basis. what the quality of jobs. >> we wanted the numbers. we want them above 125,000. we've been getting 159,000 per month. for the last two months we've been averaging 200,000 job created. once you have the raw numbers you to say what kind of jobs are these? if you are getting jobs that pay $.7 an hour, then people will need two of them. those positions paid as much as $26 an hour. that's the good news. better quality. but about 20% of the jobs came in the relatively low-wage sectors like retail, leisure and hospitality. we're s
, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. and better is so easy withrning you cabenefiber.o something better for yourself. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber. in the florida everglades, it looks like they've gotten well-needed help. i want to bring in john zarre a zarrella. what is the latest here? have they been successful? >> reporter: yeah, this is really, really good news. what we are hearing now, we are here in the gulf of mexico, we just caught up with the stranding rescue team and the whales are gone. i'll repeat that. the whales are gone. they can't find them. a coast guard overflight of this part of the gulf of mexico and off the florida everglades did spot a large pod of whales in the 30s, they cannot confirm that it is the same group, but they are optimistic that it is and that group was 11 miles offshore. so, they have moved well offshore into deep water and the stranding team -- >> sounds like we lost john there. i mea
up with an agreement said to be worth $18 trillion for the international economy. >> it is so agreed. >> the deal was made in bali and indonesia, aimed at increasing global commerce and making it easier for poorer countries to do trade. >> for the first time in our history we have truly delivered. we have achieved something significant. people all around the world will benefit from the package delivered here today. >> here is what is it could mean. it's claimed it will create 21 million jobs, 18 million in developing countries and cut red removing the need for many taxes and bribes. the w.t.o. is trying to remove all subsidies. the deal means that some developing countries can keep them in they are needed to feed the poor. the results are yet to be seen. india is happy it can keep its subsidy. >> i view this as a victory for the farmers of india, for the farmers, for subsistence farmers of the entire developing country. there has also been a coalition of developing countries that along with its partners, with withstood all pressures. demonstrated solidarity and achieve this. >> the b
rate fell to a 5-year low and is at 7%. the economy gained more jobs than expected adding 2003 positions. they were low spread in high and low positions. mike viqueira has more from the white house. >> new unemployment figures are good from the white house. they've been waiting for this. whether or not 7% matters economicallily or to any people for millions out of work, and those who have given up looking for work, from a political standpoint it's good news for the obama generation. with unemployment insurance set to expire, the white house is stuck in an ironic situation. they are arguing for an extension. if growth is improved, it was announced thursday and friday down to 7% unemployment, the lowest in five years. the administration says that unemployment insurance has got to be extended. white house spokesman jay carney made the case on friday afternoon. >> the news we have today eenforces that we need to address the problem and extend unemployment insurance benefits to those individuals. this is a persistent problem. it would be terrible to do that to more than a million fa
of sanctions that has crippled iran's economy, cut their oil revenues by more than half, have put enormous pressure on currency, their economy contracted by more than 5% last year, and it is precisely because of the international sanctions and coalition we were able to build internationally that the iranian people responded by saying we need a new direction in how we interact with the international community and how we deal with the sanctions regime, and that's what brought president rowhani to power. he was not necessarily the first choice of hard liners inside iran. now, that doesn't mean that we should trust him or anybody else inside iran. this is a regime that came to power as swearing opposition to the united states, to israel, and to many of the values that we hold dear, but what i've consistently said is even as i don't take any options off the table, what we do have to test is the possibility that we can resolve this issue diplomatically, and that is the deal that at the first stages we have been able to get done in geneva, thanks to some extraordinary work by john kerry and his c
. the private sector has updated a lot of aspects of its compensation system to people across the economy. is thet there opportunity for sin changes that would go along the lines of making it more effective. thank you for joining us this morning. that is all for this edition of "washington journal." be sure to join us tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. eastern. >> hello! [applause] journal@c-span.or [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] collects the u.s. house is back in session today. they begin the day at noon eastern with morning hour. legislative work will get underway at 2:00 with one bill requiring the justice department to report to congress on child abuse in each state. we will have live coverage of all of today's action with members gavilan. while the houses meeting, c- span2 will be live with financial regulation. enterse meeting at the -- enterprise institute or they will have an limitation of the dodd frank law. >> i got upset. they covered my mental health work. the first few meetings i had. then they never showed
. caller: good morning. host: you are on, go ahead. said, theye he just .ay and could boost the economy so i agree. but at the same time it is not for sure that this is what they are going to do. promises, promises. what they're going to do, what they could do, how but given the -- they try to schedule trips to out-of-state. we want to go and explore the regions outside planet earth. we overhear her -- overhear hurting. you know, but i mean -- the i'm going to say it like this. more tightening up. alright. what the heck? twitter --f web talksat's on the about a concert that used drones to deliver beer. it says -- dominoes even floated the idea of testing pizza delivery. it says -- most of the responses to this amazon ising that thinking about a drones system that would deliver packages of a certain weight in about 30 minutes. you saw video of that, which sparked some of the reaction, even to the point of legislators. we want to get your thoughts on commercial uses of drones in the united states, if you would support or oppose that. on your screen. lauren is on our for those that supported.
minister says the u.k.'s economy is growing faster than any other major economy in the world. george osborne prediction for this year has been doubled to one point fow%. but he said he is sticking to his strategy, and confirmed the state pension age can eventually rise to 69. we have done so in the face of a sovereign crisis aboard, and at home, in the face of opposition from those who got britain into this mess in the first place. and have resisted every cut, every effort to get us out of that mess. >> is there any reason to celebrate britain's growing economy if things don't apeek tor getting better? lawrence lee records. this high quality clothing manufacturer, things are running smoothly, they design make and sell women's fashion here to the rich in britain and far beyond. this has been made by gina and jane. we still hardly get in 2007-8, and we have grown throughout the recession. and each of those years i think we grew 7%, and this year that is doubled. down the road is the city of darby, not doing too badly, there are a lot of manufacturing outlets. unemployment is about aver
for the economy and washington in general. take a listen to what two lawmakers had to say earlier today. >> keep the budget caps in place, not raise taxes, which is important during this weak economy, and actually avoid a government shutdown. so i'm hopeful that even by the end of this week we'll be able to come together and achieve that. >> i certainly hope as part of it that the negotiators will take to heart what the president had to say. there are working families across america that are struggling. there are unemployed families who need a helping hand. we've got to protect and preserve the safety net in america and give these working families a fighting chance. >> so alex, of course there you have republican rob portman, democrat dick durbin. and you heard senator durbin talking about unemployment insurance. that is still the main sticking point. democrats, the president want unemployment insurance extended for 1.3 million americans. that's expected to expire at the end of the year. they say if that's not continued, it would be bad for those workers and also bad for the economy. republicans
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. is it because the sanctions were biting deeply into the economy or from a political perspective the ar art you are genuine in sg a new chapter. >> in iran we have political elections an an popular and popr elections. >> they chose a different path this time around. and that election provided a historic opportunity to us and to the west in order to atry tro address us. you. we are not talking about sanctions. when sanctions started iran had less than 200 centrifuges and the note product has been 1880 centrifuges that has been added to iran's stock of centrifuges so sanctions have utterly failed in that regard. it seems to me that the west is trying to take advantage of the historic opportunity. we have a new government and a different approach to foreign policy. our tenants of foreign policy have not changed we insist on our rice rite an rights and we t negotiate. this can be achieved best through construction gea negotiation. >> first of all, what has happened, nick, since this deal was made and are there signs of how this is going to work? >> yeah, john, i think their initial reaction is tent
. it could add up to $18 trillion to the global economy. >> in egypt - 21 women and girls imprisoned for protesting in october, including seven girls under 18. the red cross says 300 people have been killed in 48 hours after violence between militias and the central african republic. thousands of people are looking at refuge at the airport where french soldiers are on guard. >> some people are talking about a religious or sectarian war against christians and muslims. is that how the situation is developing? >> it's a political crisis, and unfortunately some people are using the intentions between the communities peacefully together. about 15 to 20% mousse limbs who are active in the any and now the author represented in politics and some don't like that. this is what is going on. there farmers who are mostly christians who attack muslims in that country because the seleka rebels in power. >> there have been warnings, as you know, about the possibility of what is being already described as a genocide. let's hope that doesn't happen. could it happen. >> i think the word might be - gepp
about klein because we know a lot of drops in sales have happened in china even though the economy there grew 8% in the third quarter. how does this impact the u.s. economy, as well? >> that's right. these are some of the most important companies to the u.s. economy. and already some are reporting their competitors in europe are stealing their business simply because these companies are able to say that they can offer better privacy protections and they don't have to help the sa snoop. microsoft's general counsel wrote in a blog post that customers won't use technology they don't trust. he says the government puts that trust at risk and the government has to help restore it, suzanne. >> evan, thank you so much. a lot of people are just thinking you can't -- there's no guarantee of privacy wherever you are. >> as i said, hardly the nsa but a lot of those companies have been accused of collecting plenty of data about us, as well. >> information. >> it's not the same thing about you. >> not altruistic. >> not at all. an american singer, check this out, not arab, nearly took the top pr
leaders are of course, trade, u.s.-china trade, and the economy. the united states had hoped that those issues would really be the main issues at this meet -- these meetings. but as we now know, this declaration of the air defense zone will likely dominate the meetings and perhaps challenge -- or provide a challenge to any progress made on the issue. >> reporting there from beijing. to the streetned to thailand for the first time in days. protest on the hold out of respect for the king's birthday am a national holiday to be celebrated thursday. but the opposition said it's fight to bring down the government as far -- it's fight to bring down the government is far from over. in bangkok on wednesday, a vast cleanup operation was underway. a day earlier, the violence that began last weekend came to an king'shalt ahead of the birthday thursday. the thai prime minister called for a truce between police and protesters. but the first time in days, calm returned to the streets and prime minister yingluck shinawatra all for -- a lasting solution. like to invite academics, businessmen, and groups
economies came together. all of them said it was crucial. they all want to see the w to round concluded in a positive way. so we think it's important. i must say i agree with your introduction, it's a sombre outlook. we hope we'll see a value, but it's unlikely to be an interesting one. >> the door to the european union is open. the message to ukraine from germany's foreign minister. the comments have been welcomed by protesters on the streets of kiev and they have been given a boost by the support of three former ukrainian presidents. protesters are angry at the government's decision to reject a deal with the europeanionion. >> let's cross to our correspondent rory chalened in the ukrainian capital. how are the protests going? >> the numbers are low this morning. that tends to be the pattern. it's only really the hard core of protesters that stay in the scare. it's understandable because it is cold at the moment. as the day progresses the numbers start to pick up. they are picking up the moment. more and more people are arriving at the square. there are a couple of things we are watchi
economy. it is an important part of our way of life. host: this has been an ongoing saga over this farm bill. back in january of this year, the congress extends the farm bill until september 30. senate passes the farm bill, house passes its own farm bill. what is holding up negotiations? guest: we have been working on it for over 2.5 years. we have had a number of hearings. bringing experts in, learning a little bit more about what is working, what is not working. then we went through the normal process here it we collect regular order in congress. going through the committee process. in the house and the senate. we took those to the floor. the first version of the house bill did not pass the house floor. we divided the baby, so to speak, and did it into pieces. when you do regular order, we have allowed people to provide minutes. we have a lot of debate and discussion. i think we are closing in on getting a good farm bill. host: where will you come down on food stamps? the house republicans wanted $40 billion cut over 10 years. the senate, $4 billion. guest: first, let me say this. it
. >> what have the major issues been for the electorate, apart from corruption? >> i think the economy is a maim maimer major issue and resources - it's linked to corruption in one form or another. you can't get away from it. for example, a central indian state to the east, it's rich in minerals and natural resources and forestry. those resources - some believe they have been plundered and no one knows where the finances have gone. people are clear about what they want from their next set of politicians. the bjp have their prime ministerial candidate. he is advocating clean pol sticks. similar to his home state. been there many times. very good roads, electricity, water supply. he can do that for the rest of india. that is what he's trying to advocate. that's where the fight will be about corruption and who can develop india into a modern 21st century state. >> it's been a month since the philippines was hit by one of the most powerful typhoons ever. millions was donated to help those recovering from the ty coons, but it will take years for it to get back on its feet. another 1,800 pe
said the deal has already benefitted his country's economy. >>> remembering nelson mandela. today marks the beginning of a week of remembrance. they have a day of prayer and reflection. earlier today the mandela foundation held a service. services like this were held throughout the country and really around the world. alan joins us life from south africa. alan, how are people paying tribute to mandela? from what i hear and see behind is any indication, they're doing it by celebrating. >> reporter: absolutely, richelle. the folks here in soweto are handling the party end of that equati equation. they've been doing it for days now and they'll go long into the night, too, and through the wee hours. it's a tremendous scene. for the more sub dued and reflective part of the formula, the national day of prayer. we attended mass at a huge catholic church not far from him. the population of the congregation in church today, the sounds of soweto, of a nation on what is not just another sunday. ♪ >> reporter: the congregation of the biggest catholic church in this largest christian country celeb
the whole economy goes better. i think the economy has just gone down the tubes because of the 1% who want to make the most out of the misery of others. >> the sticking point here is that these workers and folks behind them are asking for a $15 an hour federal minimum wage. that's not the only point here. they really also want to be able to unionize without any fear of retaliation. >> we'll continue to check back in with you throughout the day. thanks. >> stephanie, this latest strike is similar to once we've seen across the country, focusing on income and equality. much of that money is going to wealthier americans. the income of the top 1% grew by 31.4% since 2009, but for everyone else barely moved, growing less than has half a%. much of this battle has been over the minimum wage of $7.25. president obama suggested that rates should be hiked to $10.10 an hour. if it were tied to productively ty, one study said that figure really should be $21.72. >> temperatures are plunging right now across much of the country. a blast of arctic air is bringing bone-chilling cold along with snow and ic
to be the only threat this government will face. with the economy in such a terrible state, it's likely to face the challenge of hungry people who simply can no longer afford enough to eat. harriet martin, al jazeera, khartom. >>> hundreds of thousands answered going to churches, mosques, temples and synagogues. here you can see people still outside nelson mandela's mouse in johannesburg. mike hanna is now reporting. >> reporter: mandela's name rings out in the church as they sing in praise. this is an occasion both joyful and solemn, mirroring the national reaction to the death of the celebrated south african leader. throughout the country it goes through churches, the service attended by the south african president jacob zuma accompanied bus mandela's former wife. they remember the men they affectionately knew as madiba. >> when i say we pray for the nation, we pray for us not to forget some of the values that madiba stood for, that he fought for, that he sacrificed his life for. we should include those in our reflections. >> reporter: a song, too, from a new generation. some of these childre
regardless right now you are out of work. >> i think over the next year the us economy will be better. >> i hear that it is supposed to be improving but i can't tell you how many people around me are unemployed and struggling. >> the federal deficit affects just because way everything is related to everything and it trickles down. >> it is more difficult to get salary and benefits. of ae most likely impact federal deficit is fewer job opportunities. >> hopefully in my lifetime it see for mytter but i children if it continues to go the way is in this world they're going to have it rough. >> the shutdown definitely affected many people in this country. >> if we lose trust or a sense of security -- >> i think the ederal shutdown means that find optimism for america based on the fact that we persevere and keep going. we don't give up and we stick together. i think that will get us through. >> there's a lot of negative news about the country going downhill, but the american spirit is so positive and you can always find the silver lining. it is who we are as people. we can't really focus on anyth
'm visiting you here in washington, but the folks in washington seem to put the brakes on the economy every six months or so, right? or even more often than that. so, you know, they're not helping. and with respect to real growth in the economy. i think that americans will put more money into education when the economy is doing better or when they confront the fact that defunding education is actually hurting them and their state. and so i think there's kind of a bigger picture and bigger pressures out there that are going to play on this. and then, of course, you also have legal requirements within -- and constitutional requirements within states. we're certainly one of those states that under our constitution we guarantee an education to every child. there have been tests, we have a very famous test in connecticut, shep v. o'neill, to kneel being former governor that -- to o'neill being former governor that allowed for a super education district overseeing about 41% of the kids in the greater hartford school district and surrounding districts, putting them in different schools than they w
's trip was supposed to be about trade and the economy. now in fact it's all about the chinese military. vice president joe biden with one eye towards a possible 2016 bid is getting the chance to flex his international muscle power in asia. >> the united states has an interest in the lowering of tensions in this vital region. as i believe all the countries in northeast asia share that same interest with us. >> reporter: biden, in crisis manager mode, arrived in tokyo as the region confronts a power grab by beijing. china declared it now controls a vast portion of the air space over the east china sea and remote islands that both china and japan claim. biden will bluntly ask the chinese leaders their military intentions when he stops in china next. u.s. officials worry china's ultimate aim is a confrontation with japan. >> we, the united states, are deeply concerned. by the attempt to unilaterally change the status quo in the east china sea. this action has raised regional tensions and increased the risk of accidents and miscalculation. >> reporter: china is demanding aircraft flying thr
's economy. i have been sharing with many of the persons i've been talking to a situation which i think there's an opportunity for latin america and the u.s.. there's a new concept that is becoming a very important concept, the concept that is referred to as demographic dividend. the source of growth in the world that was -- that china was some years ago, started to diminish because the negative democratic -- demographic dividend they are having because of population is not increasing. on the contrary, it's decreasing. you have that problem in europe, and you have that problem here in the u.s.. one of the few areas in the world where you have a positive demographic diff depped is latin america where you have young populations, and there you have a tremendous opportunity if the u.s. sees latin america with those eyes. there's a tremendous opportunity to increase the cooperation between the two areas, and even you're going to use -- you're going to need immigration sooner or later if you. -- if you want your economy to continue growing, and that immigration will probably come naturally from the
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in the arteries, it really connects what is now the information economy in the united states. we are seeing data traffic on our networks increase at the rate of 40 cents per year. i would say america's future is a wireline future. >> the editor of the london- based newspaper the guardian testified this week. he defended his paper's decision to publish surveillance files provided by edward snowden. this is one hour and 20 minutes. >> chemical to me to order and welcome our witness for today session. you are giving evidence as part intoe committee's inquiry counterterrorism. thank you very much for coming here this afternoon. can i refer all those present to interestser where the of the defenders of this committee are omitted. can ask other members to declare any special interests? for've written two articles "the guardian" on this issue. i should say we are all "guardian" readers. some of us more avidly than others. we all declare our interest. i did read it this morning. can we just be clear at the start that there was reference to some newspapers are your been compelled to come here against you
today. when seven of the ten fastest growing economies in the world are in africa, the opportunities are obviously enormous, and rather than view our relationship with africa as defined by the obstacles we face, we literally are now able to define it by the opportunities that we can seize together. .. thank you, secretary kerry, for those comments and your continuing leadership. our next speaker has given the domestic aids community her unwavering support. from implementation of the affordable care act to implementation of the national hiv/aids strategy. please welcome the secretary of health and human services, kathleen inteeb is a -- [applause] [applause] >> good afternoon. it's my great pleasure to spend some time with all of you today as we mark another world aids day. i want to start by thanking my colleague, secretary of state, john kerry, for not only his leadership during his years in the senate, but his continuing focus on these issues that are so meaningful to the health and prosperity of people around the world. he's done a terrific job and is a wonderful partner. as he sa
of the economy. it's a big deal to quote joe biden. >> we know this thousands of times a day to try to get unauthorized access. they have uncoordinated effort every single day to try to monitor and track that. >> president obama speaking at a youth summit today at the white house speaking about healthcare, trying to recruit folks to sell his healthcare plan around the country. this, as a new poll is out from harvard polling 18 to 29-year-olds in the past couple of weeks do you approve or disapprove of the aca. there you see disapprove 56%. approve 39%. how likely are you to enroll in insurance through obamacare? or aca exchange likely 20% unlikely 47%. 50/5028%. we're back with the panel. david, where is this now on the hill? where are are republicans? where are democrats? where is this relaunch. >> i think had when you an administration this deep into a national policy and you are the midst of another pr offensive and improving the messaging, it means you have a durable political problem. and so for democrats, they're optimistic and by the fact that the web site is doing better. we'll kno
the problems of a tough economy here at home is one reason why americans are fed up with the lack of real progress about solving our domestic challenges? is that why people are turning away from supporting major foreign policy move right now? simple i think that's part of it. i think the bigger thing is the disappointment and the deception on the part of this president as well as the administration and the democrat leaders, quite frankly, in washington, d.c. and particularly in one of the studies that was a harvard institute of politics study, also, that showed that even millenials have done a 180-degree flip-flop. a majority of millenials voted for president obama and now a majority of millenials do not like obama care and what's also scary is that they believe he should be removed from office. i have to explain to a 23-year-old young man yesterday on my radio show, it's not as easy as it seems because of democrat-control of the senate. i think a lot of the desipgs that this administration has done on the american people is contributing to the mistrust in terms of our relationship with o
's economy, cut their revenues by more than half. have put enormous pressure on their currency. their economy contracted by five percent. it is precisely because of the international sanctions and the coalition we were able to build that the iranian people responded by saying we need a new direction. and that's what brought president rouhani to power. he was not necessarily the first choice of the hardliners inside of iran. now, that doesn't mean that we should trust him or anybody else inside of iran. this is a regime that came to power swearing opposition to the united states, to israel, and to many of the values that we hold dear. but what i've consistently said is even as i don't take any options off the table, what we do have to test is the possibility that we can resolve this issue diplomatically. and that is the deal that, at the first stages, we have been able to get done in geneva, thanks to some extraordinary work by john kerry and his counterparts in the p5-plus-1. so let's look at exactly what we've done. for the first time in over a decade, we have halted advances in the iranian
and good night. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> support also comes from carnegie corporation of new york, a foundation created to do what andrew carnegie called "real and permanent good." celebrating 100 years of philanthropy at >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> this is bbc world news america. funding of this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation. knewman's own foundation giving charity and o pursuing the common good for over 30 years and union bank. >> this is bbc world news america reporting from washington. biden gets a warm welcome in beijing, but he doesn't get on a to back down territorial dispute. relations tonight are tense. >>> hundreds of thousands of people are running away from central african repu
of the -- of the digital economy in this country. seen the figure of 36 billion is the likely damage to and uk companies because people are not going to trust on the basis of the stories that have come into the domain. so i think oversight has to include people who make -- who advocate. privacy you need somebody external who as the technical knowledge which i doubt many members of that committee have. $1.3 million., kinds hink there are all of questions and parliamentarians have started to ask whether it's right or whether it's a full select committee of the full house, right that the chair should be a former person who has dealings with the committees and responsibility for them. have enough hey resource and so on and so forth. o i think -- i'm hearing very helpful suggestions and interesting suggestions about reformed as might be a result of newspaper coverage. >> thank you. >> thank you. in austin? >> thank you. point what's this sort of of principle? that bviously, isn't it, all governments have intelligence and all governments keep that o information secret. hy should i think -- i accept from you t
gets credit and always gets blame for the economy regardless of how much he's able to turn it one way or the other. >> all right. candy crowley, thank you very much. >> thanks. >> keep it here, everybody, for "state of the union" with candy crowley. starts at the top of the hour right here on cnn. ya know, with new fedex one rate you can fill that box and pay one flat rate. i didn't know the coal thing was real. it's very real... david rivera. rivera, david. [ male announcer ] fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. it's time... for aveeno® positively radiant face moisturizer. [ female announcer ] only aveeno® has an active naturals total soy formula that instantly brightens skin. and helps reduce the look of brown spots in just 4 weeks. for healthy radiant skin. try it for a month. then go ahead and try to spot a spot. aveeno® positively radiant. natural
dangerous materials from entering occupied territory and the six mile restrictions hurt the economy and al jazeera's nick has more from jerusalem. >> six years israel controlled the seas and today activists wanted to take them back and living in gaza cannot go six miles from the coast and war ships block everything going in and going out and they say that strangled the economy and so they challenge the blockade and going straight for israeli ships and aware of the risk and they arrested and they attacked for sailing more than six miles out. >> we are armed with international law and they saying this is our sea, this is our land, this is our sky, you shouldn't be here. >> reporter: by challenging the blockade israel may stop or attack them but with two thirds of the people in gaza living on $6 a day they have nothing to loose and it's about security and fired rockets from gaza into israel and israel said to prevent it it most block cement that have been used in attacks. and for palestinians this is about their livelihood in an area where raw sewage runs through the streets and power cuts a
interest in privacy and the economic health of the economic basis of the digital economy in this country. it is dirty 6 billion is the likely damage to u.s. and u.k. companies because people are not going to trust these companies on the basis of some of the stories that have come into the domain. so i think oversight has to include people who need a privacy advocate. you need somebody asked turn all who has the technical knowledge, which i doubt many in the committee have. i have a small budget, 1.3 million i think there's all kinds of questions that parliamentarians have started back about whether it is right for this not to be a full select committee of the house, whether it is right that the chair should be a former person who is dealing with intelligence communities and responsibilities for them and whether they have enough resource and so on and so forth. i'm hearing very helpful suggestions, interest and suggestions about how the ioc might be reformed as a result of newspaper coverage. >> thank you. thank you, mr. rusbridger. what is the sort appointed principal? is obvious is it t
the workforce. what the latest job numbers mean for the economy and politically. >> i'm john henry smith. a big-10 championship game. highlights ahead in sports. >> welcome back. you're watching al jazeera i'm morgan radford with your top stories. >> south korea announces an expansion of its air defence zone, covering an area covered by beijing and tokyo. china came under criticism of the the move by south korea had been expected and goes into effect on december 15th. >> a cold sap is gripping the heartland and is responsible for several deaths, including the driver of this s.u.vl who lost control and slid off a bridge in texas. the storm is moving east recollects expected to bring airport delays. >> a day of mourning in south africa as the nation in the world paid tribute to nelson nelson mandela's ex-wife and jacob zuma attended church service in his honour. u.s. president barack obama, bush, carter and clinton will travel to south africa for memorial services. >> a rebel group tied to al qaeda is demanding the release of detainees. it's holding at least 12 nuns hostage. they were moved from
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